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Recent form updates:
12/3/2014 - Three integration options added: MyVirtualLife, MyVirtualChild, Personality Inventory Assessment
7/22/2014 - Two Course Family options added
7/14/2014 - Option added for KT (Knowledge Technologies) integration

8/24/2012 - If you have trouble submitting this form, please email Let us know which OS and browser you use. If possible, please include a screenshot of the error message, and a screenshot of the data you entered.

All fields in RED are required.

Contact Information
Phone Number:
Additional Email:
Please list each email address separated by a semi-colon as illustrated; do not include any other text in this field.
Publishing Company / Division        required field
 Arts & Sciences
 Professional & Career

Publishing Company:
Market Information
In which market(s) should this course be made available?
  (select all that apply)
US Australia LA South Africa
Asia Europe MEAC UK
Course Information
Exact Course Title:
include edition # at the end of title
Course ISBN-10:
Course ISBN-13:   Look up the ISBN-13 in the HEPM, or use the ISBN Converter Tool.
Parent Textbook Authors:
(first and last names)

Provide the first and last names of the authors exactly as you would like them to appear on the catalog.
Parent Textbook Title:
Copyright Year:
Parent Textbook ISBN-10:
In most cases, the Parent ISBN is the item marked as "Main Title" in HEPM under which your product family resides. This should also match the parent ISBN information provided for other release requests.
Parent Textbook ISBN-13:   Look up the ISBN-13 in the HEPM, or use the ISBN Converter Tool.
Course Release Attributes
Release Type: New MMND Release
Re-release MMND Live Course
New Working Title Master (Internal QA)
Re-Release Working Title Master
Sales Demo (only available by secret search parameter)
Re-Release Sales Demo
New Sales Demo Working Title Master (Internal QA)
Re-Release Sales Demo Working Title Master
Reason course is being re-released:  This field is required if you selected one of the Re-release options above.
Other reason for re-release:
If you selected "other" as the reason for this re-release, enter the reason here.
Authoring Server: MMND
other:      --> FTP location of archived file:  
     (e.g., bb7, bb8, bb9)

If this course is to be part of an existing "Course Family", please provide the following information regarding the "Parent" course to which this course will be linked:

Parent Course MMND Master Course ID:
Parent Course ISBN-10:

If publishing a Working Title Master, please specify a template:

NOTE: Native MMND courses are only for use until August 2015.

If you selected "Existing Live MMND Course" in the above Template dropdown, please provide the following details:

Current CC Master Course ID:
This information is located in the MMND: All Live report. Please locate your course in the report and identify the "Current CC Master Course ID" column.
Existing Course ISBN-10:
This is the ISBN of the Existing Live course you wish to use as a template. This information is also located on the MMND: All Live report, under the Course ISBN-10 column.

For New Release or Re-Release release types, please provide the following:

Course URL:
To obtain the URL, please log into using your instructor account. Click into the course you have built. From there, copy the URL and paste it into this request form.
Has this course completed a full QA pass? Yes
If yes, which QA resources were used? Pearson Media QA Services (
  Other:     (list vendor or other QA resource)
This course will be integrated with the following application(s):
Writing Space
(with pre-built assignments)
Panopto (ccng_panopto) Media Share Tool via LTI
  Accuplacer (ccng_mfdla_xl) Instructor Media Library (bLTI)
Writing Space
(no pre-built assignments)
Pearson Kitchen Manager (PKM) (ccng_pkm) CoCo Study Plan App (bLTI)
  Akamai (ccng_intl_5xpeg) Arts Lab Challenge (bLTI)
KT (Knowledge Technologies) MyDietAnalysis (ccng_mda) Equella (bLTI) - limited availability
Amplifire - select option below: Writing Services MyVirtualLife (bLTI)
  Generic discipline-specific Amplifire content     MyVirtualChild (bLTI)
  Title-specific Amplifire content     Personality Inventory Assessment (PIA) (bLTI)
  Custom, slightly less generic discipline-specific Amplifire content to be shared by a subset of titles across discipline

For Pegasus-Integrated MMND courses, please indicate the following:

Will this be a Coordinator Course? Yes
Has a Pegasus LMS Integration
Request already been submitted?
Yes  --> Peg. LMS Integration Point ID:   Example: Peg_CCNG_CD_##
  No   --> Workspace  Pegasus ID:
Is this course part of the
Native to Pegasus 5.x migration?
Yes  --> Native version Course ISBN-10:

If a shared library is to be connected to the master course, provide the following:
    Shared Content Library Name:
  Exactly as it appears in your Workspace
    Shared Content Library
Workspace Pegasus ID:

    Course Owner SMS Username:
  Owner will be enrolled in Shared Content Library
Course Description:
Category for Gallery Listing:

For all new releases (not including re-releases):

Cover Image URL:
If you wish to provide a cover image for your course, you must upload the image to the media server prior to release using the below instructions:

- Navigate to the /covers directory and select your business group to upload the cover image
- Cover image name should be the textbook ISBN
- Correct image dimensions: 83 x 100 pixels per inch
- Please use a clear, high-quality image saved as a .gif or .jpg format
- If you do not provide a cover image, a standard Pearson logo will be used instead
Series Name:
(MyLab, Mastering, Other)
EPIC Material ID, XL Book Code, or
or Mastering Book Code:
Is this course part of the
Native to XL migration?
Yes, and the Native version Course ISBN-10 is:  
Is this course part of the
Epic to XL migration?
Yes, and the Epic version Course ISBN-10 is:  
Show New Edition Link? For XL-based MMND courses only. If selected, please provide the ISBNs requested below.
Show Update to New Design Link? For updating legacy CC to MMND using the same edition with same parent textbook ISBN.
      If selected, please provide the ISBNs requested below.
No Link  
Link to Previous Edition or Legacy CC Textbook ISBN:
Link to Previous Edition or Legacy CC Course ISBN:
Course is New Version?  (Not applicable for MMND courses.)
Show New Version Link?
Catalog Icons
Test: (includes test item file to accompany textbook)
eBook: (includes the electronic textbook)
Student Resources: (may include course objectives, lecture notes, quizzes, etc.)
Multimedia: (may include audio, video, presentation slides and interactive activities)
Does this course include a Pearson eText?
Maximum Course Duration:  
number / units
NOTE: The maximum course duration setting allows for you to control how long an instructor can make available a child copy of the live master course.
The maximum course duration that can be set is 24 months (730 days). If a special duration is not desired, please set field above for 24 months.

All MMND courses will have a Blackboard Link Bundle.

Note the type of link bundle to be used for your course.
Blackboard Link Bundle Type:       Standard link bundle based on the MyLab Series indicated above
Flash eBook link bundle based on the MyLab Series indicated above
SMS Information
All SMS information must be provided up front for both Working Master and Live releases.
SMS Student Standalone Product ID:
We are now required to gather additional data pertaining to SMS information. Please provide the correct ISBN-10 associated with each SMS OLP Product ID as indicated below.
SMS Student OLP Product ID #1:
Corresponding SMS Student OLP ISBN-10 #1:
SMS Student OLP Product ID #2:
Corresponding SMS Student OLP ISBN-10 #2:
SMS Student OLP Product ID #3:
Corresponding SMS Student OLP ISBN-10 #3:
SMS Student OLP Product ID #4:
Corresponding SMS Student OLP ISBN-10 #4:
SMS Student OLP Product ID #5:
Corresponding SMS Student OLP ISBN-10 #5:
If you have additional Student OLP Product IDs to add, please list them below and provide their corresponding OLP ISBNs.
Should course have temporary access option available to students?   If "yes", provide the SMS Temporary Access Product ID:
Additional Student SMS Product IDs:
(List all)  
SMS Educator Add-On Product ID:   (Only the EDU Add-On product may be associated with the catalog entry.)
Additional Comments
(limit: 1,000 characters)


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